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Issue 70
Multiparametric MRI in prostate cancer
Issue 69

Managing common toxicities with new tyrosine kinase inhibitors

Issue 68

Are progression-free and disease-free survival the new gold standard for cancer trials?

Issue 65
Intratumoural drug metabolism and the disposition of anticancer agents: implications for clinical treatment Issue 64
Lymphoedema following treatment for breast cancer: a new approach to an old problem
Issue 60
How Europe can develop better, cheaper cancer drugs
Issue 59
Thombosis and cancer
Issue 58
Imaging in oncology - over a century of advances
Issue 57
Managing the sexual consequences of cancer and its treatment
Issue 56
New paradigms to explain metastasis
Issue 55
Personalised cancer care: where do we stand today
Issue 54
Chronic and late effects: how physical activity can help
Issue 53
Skin toxicities caused by target therapies
Issue 52
Survivor services: supporting patients living with and beyond cancer
Issue 51
OECI accreditation: is yours a top-class cancer centre?
Issue 50
How exposure to a mother's cancer treatment during pregnancy impacts on the child
Issue 49
New accomplishments in breast cancer chemoprevention
Issue 48
Recent trials in osteosarcoma and their implications for future studies
Issue 47
Endotherapy for Barrett's oesophagus with early neoplasia
Issue 46
Optimising dose-dense regimens for early breast cancer
Issue 45
Prognostic and predictive markers in colorectal cancer:  implications for clinical management
Issue 44
State-of-the-art treatment for advanced melanoma
Issue 43
Decision making in the treatment of gliomas
Issue 42
New approaches to treating gastro-oesophageal cancer
Issue 41
Treatment of triple negative breast cancer
Issue 40
Management of metatastic pancreatic cancer: current strategies and future directions
Issue 39
Cancer of unknown primary: a diagnostic and therapeutic dilemma
Issue 38
Neurological side-effects caused by recently approved chemotherapy drugs
Issue 37
Pitfalls and uncommon problems in thyroid cancer management
Issue 36
The treatment of gastrointestinal stromal tumours (GIST)
Issue 35

Neutropenia in cance patients: risk factors and management
Issue 34
Indolent prostate cancer and active surveillance
Issue 33
Addressing fertility issues in patients with breast cancer
Issue 32
State-of-the-art and controversies in germ-cell cancer
Issue 31
Advanced epithelial ovarian cancer: improvements in first- and second-line treatment
Issue 30
Decision making for systemic treatment of non-small-cell lung cancer
Issue 29
New oncoplastic techniques can avoid mastectomy
Issue 28
Combining hormonal therapy with local treatment in prostate cancer
Issue 27
Controversial issues in managing locally advanced head and neck cancers
Issue 26
The modern approach to managgind locally advanced rectal cancer