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Patient Voice

Issue 70
A journey to the heart of the EMA
Issue 69
Living well with advanced breast cancer
Issue 68
Rerouted not derailed: resuming a young life after cancer
Issue 67

Who should we screen for the BRCA gene
Issue 65

Side effects of targeted treatments: clinicians' perceptions, patients' realities
Issue 63
Mindfulness: a way to live life in the present tense

Issue 62
A seat at the table: patient advocates prepare for life on the inside
Issue 61
Survivors demand a fair deal from financial services
Issue 60
Top trials group turns its attention to survivors
Issue 59
Living with cancer: advocates define their priorites for advanced disease
Issue 57
Navigating uncharted waters: a guide to shared decision making
Issue 56
Easing the cancer journey
Issue 55
Stigma: breaking the vicious circle
Issue 54
What counts as a successful outcome?
Issue 49
If you could see it through my eyes...
Issue 38
Adopting a child after cancer
Issue 37
When sex lives suffer
Issue 35

Spreading the word
Issue 34
Shall we try for a baby?
Issue 32
A man with a woman's cancer: How can we do better for male breast cancer patients?

Issue 29
Emaciated by not unloved: Patients and carers need support to cope with distressing effects of cachexia
Issue 26
Why 'plenty of bed rest' could be bad advice
Issue 25
Europe must tackle health illiteracy to avoid a health 'underclass'
Issue 24
Protection of employment rights: still work in progress
Issue 23
It's not just about surviving, it's about getting your life back
Issue 22
Surviving childhood cancer
Issue 20
Don't look away
Issue 19
Living with the consequences
Issue 18
Neither child nor adult
Issue 17
No one told me I had a choice
Issue 14
Take one at bedtime and you'll soon feel worse
Issue 11
When clinical trials are compromised
Issue 9
The news is bad...the message maybe worse
Issue 9
When alternative becomes mainstream
Issue 7
Fertility: it's up to the doctors to think ahead
Issue 5
Look - no strings!
Issue 3
Just the job? It's time to try out the new disability rights laws
Issue 2
Talk to me not to your feet
Issue 1
Nothing about us without us