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Overview of Cancer World

Welcome to Cancer World

The aim of Cancer World is to help reduce the unacceptable number of deaths from cancer that is caused by late diagnosis and inadequate cancer care. We know our success in preventing and treating cancer depends on many factors. Tumour biology, the extent of available knowledge and the nature of care delivered all play a role. But equally important are the political, financial, bureaucratic decisions that affect how far and how fast innovative therapies, techniques and technologies are adopted into mainstream practice. Cancer World explores the complexity of cancer care from all these very different viewpoints, and offers readers insight into the myriad decisions that shape their professional and personal world. 

Cancer World’s strength lies not only in its broad approach, but also in its commitment to exploring issues through the lives and work of those in the field. The magazine gives a voice to health professionals in all fields and at all levels, and offers a platform to those who are most affected by cancer – the people with the disease. 

Cancer World includes in-depth interviews with some of Europe’s most influential oncology leaders, who are invited to comment on breaking news, discuss complex and difficult issues and share their experiences in overcoming personal and professional challenges as they have pushed forward the boundaries of their practice. The magazine also features interviews with people with a high public profile that have an important impact on cancer care – they shape public attitudes and influence how cancer services are delivered and research conducted. We hope that these stories will give our readers a broader perspective on cancer and perhaps inspire some initiatives that will help improve the care that cancer patients receive. 

Cancer World is published six times a year by the European School of Oncology. It is distributed at major conferences, mailed to subscribers and to European opinion leaders, and can be viewed at and downloaded from the Cancer World website.


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